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Start fetching your website & social media data and generate a 360° report. Experience the hassle free insight of unique data that you have never seen before.

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Manage multiple social media accounts and post your content, create social media brand ambassadors and see the growing outreach quickly.

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Your online presence involves a lot of moving parts in order to be successful. ElevateSuite was designed and developed to increase qualified leads to your website through combined SEO and social media insight.

Valid with yearly subscription
$0/For 14 Days Description
Websites 1 A website URL & associated Social Networks that you integrate with ElevateSuite
Dashboard available 360 degree bird’s eye view of your SEO and Social Media activities
Website Analytics available Your website(s) traffic activity report
On Page SEO analysis available Gives you SEO analysis of individual webpage
Website health check available Checks your website’s overall SEO health
Engagement available Congregation of your website, blog and social media data
SERP scan page depth 5 No. of pages scaned to check your keywords rank
Keywords to track 25 Searches keyword rank position & history
Website pages 50 No. of pages of your website
Competing domains 3 Website URLs of your competitors
Inbound link analysis 1000 Analysis of links that are linking to your website
Outbound link analysis 100 Analysis of links that are linking from your website
Social posts Unlimited Posts that you share on your social media networks
Social media brand ambassador 5 (add $1 for additional brand ambassador) People who copy your social posts on their walls
Social distributors On Demand Distributors who buy social media content from you
Link crawling Monthly No of times our robots update your incoming and outgoing links
Rank crawling Weekly No of times our robots update your keywords rank
Branded SEO reports
Coming soon
available Genrates PDF reports with a customized logo
Bad link analysis
Coming soon
available Analysis of inbound links that you should get rid of
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