Engaging all social media networks is easy

The Engagement tool displays every post published along with analytics. View individual reports to gain insight on each connected social platform.


See Progress

With a compiled platform of all social media reports, you can track the analytics of each post to see what posts were successful with your audience and ones that were not.

Craft Better Posts

After analyzing Engagement Reports you can track content trends that resonate with your target consumers. You Can use this feedback to create more engaging posts.

Compare Social Networks

With combined reports of all social media networks, you can compare which networks are working better than others.

Track all social media engagements and reports

Social Media Metrics on your dashboard

View likes, shares, and reach for each individual post. Compare all of your social media accounts’ engagement.

Social Media Metrics on your dashboard

Bite-sized Social Media Reports

Use ElevateSuite’s Engagement feature to receive quick and useful social media analytics on all posts for each social account.

Bite-sized Social Media Reports